How to Cancel your Ticket via Email
Posted by on 14 August 2014 12:06 PM

Sometimes, you send email by mistake to the Helpdesk System, or after a helpdesk ticket has been created for you, you are able to find the solution by yourself and do not require assistance anymore from Helpdesk Support. In this case, you can cancel your ticket.

You can cancel your Helpdesk Ticket using email by typing ---cancel--- in the body of your email reply (NOTE: no need to write it in red). After you send the email, your ticket with ID specified in the email Subject will automatically be canceled.

All the examples below are correct and will cancel the ticket ID:

  1. I have found a solution for my problem. I found it myself by searching Google.
    Please ---cancel---


    User Name
  2. Sorry I send this email by mistake. Please ---cancel--- this ticket.

  3. ---cancel---

The examples below are wrong because there is no ---cancel--- code that the helpdesk system can use to cancel the ticket:

  1. Please cancel this ticket.
  2. cancel

NOTE: After you cancel the helpdesk ticket, the ticket may not be reopened.


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Andi Ristu
10 February 2015 9:06 AM
I have found a solution for my problem. I found it myself by my friend.
Please ---cancel---

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